Art by Emily Holtzheuser
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Life without art is a tragedy. The question of whether life imitates art or if art imitates life is a timeless debate. Personally, I believe the answer doesn’t have to be a choice between the two possibilities – I believe art is our reality; where the world we live in is the window we look into. 

Sculpting and painting are very much engraved into my way of living. As a child and an eager student of the arts, paper mache was the catalyst. From the beginning, the process of transforming wet paper into sculpture has captivated me. I was fascinated by how I could recreate my world as many times and in as many ways as I wished. This helped me understand how much of a role art played in my life – this was the instrument I needed to become who I wished to be.

I work with sharp focus – applying traditional technique alongside my own unorthodox methods. When I’m working, time doesn’t exist. As much as I like to believe I have a game plan, my work always has a serendipitous element to it. When it comes to execution, the project takes on a life and identity of its own, yet becomes something even greater.